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What is Cornerstone?

A cornerstone as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary is, “something of great importance on which everything else depends.” A cornerstone is a symbol of the strength, durability, and stability of a foundation. It is the first stone set in the construction of a foundation, and is the most important because all other stones are set in reference to the cornerstone, and it determines the position of the entire structure. In short it is the support that begins and shapes any building structure, organization or group.

What is a Cornerstone Supporter?

Just as a cornerstone is essential to the integrity of a building or structure, A Cornerstone Supporter is a key element in the success of the Cumberland County Public Library. Besides being a person who provides financial support, those who are Cornerstone members have shown by their backing that they understand the critical need for all that the library has to offer the community and have demonstrated that they want to be an integral part on providing crucial programs and services.

Why does the Library need Cornerstone Supporters?

The Library began as a community improvement project of the Cumberland County Woman’s Club in September 1967. On May 1, 1987, after twenty years of operation, the Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution designating Cumberland County Public Library as “the public library of Cumberland County” in accordance with the Code of Virginia and agreed to contribute financially to its support. Because the name, many people are under the assumption that all of the library’s funding comes from the county and/or the state of Virginia. Although most of the current operating funds do come from those two entities, neither one provides the level of support needed to cover 100% of the library’s annual budget. While the county has been supportive, the Cumberland County Public Library is still a private, 501(c)3 non-profit institution. Therefore, as the library has grown over the years and expanded its program offerings and services to the community, other sources of revenue have been required. This has included money donated by the generous “citizens of Cumberland County [who] have taken the initiative and organized to establish the Cumberland County Public Library.” The Library is grateful for the community’s past support as new programs and services are planned and offered in the future.

For about $1.00 per week, you can become a member of Cornerstone!


Level of Support What it means Amount of yearly contribution
Level 1 – Cornerstone Determines the position of the structure $50-$249 per year
Level 2 – Keystone The central element which locks other stones into place $250-$499 per year
Level 3 – Capstone The top stone used in a structure or wall $500-$999 per year
Level 4 – Pinnacle A pointed stone or rock that is the highest from the ground $1,000 or more per year


Updated 12/4/2019

Current donors:

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:


Areas of Giving


Earmarking your support for technology will help the library to maintain, repair and/or replace computers, printers and other equipment being used by patrons and staff. In addition, it will help pay for software licensing and library databases that are available to the public.


Programs are offered for all ages throughout the year. Funding is vital to increase the number of program offerings as well as purchase any materials and supplies needed. Supporters can designate if they wish to fund children’s programs specifically or to support any library programming being planned.

Collection Expansion

Each month new books and DVDs are ordered to increase fiction and non-fiction offerings for children, youth and adults. By supporting collection expansion, the library will be able to update the various collections and keep current bestsellers on hand for the patrons to enjoy. Supporters can designate if they wish to help with the acquisition of fiction and/or non-fiction materials for children, young adults or adults. They can also choose to support the purchase of DVDs, large print or audiobooks.

General Fund

All funds that are not earmarked go into the library’s General Fund, which is used for office supplies, facility maintenance and/or repair, program support and other areas of need.

Become a Cornerstone Supporter Today! Sustained giving on your terms and what’s best for your budget!

You choose:

  • How much to give (minimum of $50 per year required for membership)
  • How often you give (monthly, quarterly, or annually)
  • How you wish to be contacted and/or reminded about your pledge (by mail, phone, email, text or a combination of methods)
  • How you wish your donations to be recognized (by name or anonymous)

Your Support Adds up!

  • $5.00 per month = $60 per year
  • $10.00 per month =$120 per year
  • $20.00 per month = $240 per year
  • $25.00 per month = $300 per year
  • $50.00 per month = $600 per year
  • $100.00 per month = $1,200 per year

For example: $10 per month -OR- $30 per quarter -OR- $120 annual payment

The Cornerstone year runs July 1 to June 30 to match the library’s fiscal year.

Benefits of membership

Stop by the library today or call us with questions or for more information (804) 492-5807!



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