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Updated 7/28/2020

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Several new series of non-fiction books as well as single volumes on various topics have been added to the collection in place of outdated books that have been removed and others were purchased to support this year’s Summer Reading Program.

The series include:

  • Women Who Made History – 4 volumes – Just in time for Women’s History Month in March, find out about the women who are known as Activists and Leaders, Adventurers and Athletes, Inventors and Scientists, and Writers and Artists.
  • The Project Makers – 6 volumes – This set of science books covers the topics of Body, Bugs, Dinosaurs, Earth, Space, and Weather.
  • Social Studies Essential Skills – 6 volumes – This set of media-enhanced books covers the topics of Charts and Graphs, Civics, Critical Thinking, Mapping, Primary Sources and Reference Materials.
  • Following a Faith – 4 volumes – These books present an overview of the basics of the Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim faiths.
  • Body Systems – 6 volumes – This set of media-enhanced books cover these important body systems: Nervous, Digestive, Respiratory, Muscular, Skeletal, and Circulatory.
  • Boom Science – 8 volumes – This set of science books uses experiments, puzzles and graphics to cover Materials, Plants, Seasons, Sound, Electricity, Forces, Light and the Human Body.
  • Science in Infographics – 6 volumes – This set of books presents facts visually and covers the following topics: Forces, Habitats, Light and Sound, Living Things, Materials and Plants.
  • Man, Myth & Magic – 4 volumes – The four volumes from this set cover Legendary Creatures and Monsters, The Seasons: Natural Rites and Traditions, Prophets and Prophesy: Predicting the Future, and Apocalyptic Visions: End of Life, the Afterlife and the End of the World.
  • I Want to Know – 5 volumes – This set of books seeks to inform the readers about whether the following things are real: dragons, ghosts, mermaids, monsters and unicorns.
  • Understanding the Paranormal9 volumes – This set investigates the following: Angels and Demons; Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and other Cryptids; Magic; Ghosts and the Spirit World; Miracles; the Abominable Snowman and Other Legendary Beasts; UFOs and Aliens; Witches and Witchcraft; and Zombies and the Living Dead.
  • 5 Steps to Drawing – 11 volumes – This set of books gives ideas on drawing aircraft, insects, dogs and cats, people and faces, farm animals, machines at work, magical creatures, monsters, sea creatures and zoo animals.
  • Brittanica Common Core Library – 10 volumes – This set of books defines and describes various forms of literature, including poetry, myths, legends, fables, folktales, fiction, technical writing, songs, plays and nonfiction.
  • Drawing Legendary Monsters – 6 volumes – This set of books gives ideas on drawing Minotaurs and Other Demihumans, Unicorns and Other Mythical Beasts, Kraken and Other Sea Monsters, Griffins and Other Winged Wonders, Werewolves and Other Gothic Ghouls, and Dragons and Other Cold-Blooded Creatures.
  • Gods and Goddesses – 3 volumes – This set of books describes how god and goddesses fit into the daily lives of the ancient Eqyptians and Romans as well as the Vikings.
  • Learn to Draw – 4 volumes – The books from this set give ideas on drawing Dinosaurs; Dragons; Fairies, Mermaids and Unicorns; and Pirates and Pirate Ships.
  • Text Styles – 9 volumes – This set of books focuses on telling and/or writing Fables, Folktales, Legends, Myths, Dramas, Fantasy Stories, Adventure Stories, Realistic Fiction and Science Fiction.

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