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Life in Jeneral – A Joyful Guide to Organizing Your Home & Creating the Space for What Matters Most by Jen Robin

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Life is about connection, not collection.

Jen Robin’s company, Life in Jeneral, focuses on the “soul work” of home organization—the psychological and emotional foundation necessary for creating a streamlined and sustainable lifestyle. For Jen, change comes from within—a process that to succeed, must begin with the heart.

Americans are spending more time at home than ever before, and many have come to realize that their living spaces aren’t serving them. We have too many things, resulting in physical and mental clutter. And the organizational strategies we try only go so far, leaving us feeling disconnected and disheartened.

Life in Jeneral helps you build healthier mental habits that allow us to break free from the clutter, while providing traditional strategies to get—and stay—organized. Beautifully designed and featuring examples from Jen’s personal experiences and those of her clients, Life in Jeneral teaches us how to:

Flip common mental blocks that prevent us from organizational success
Identify and tackle “clutter magnets”—the spaces where things seem to gather
Discover common emotional baggage keyed to specific types of clutter
Organize and evolve specific spaces in the home, room by room

Life in Jeneral offers a holistic approach to organization; once we understand what we want from our spaces—how they can nurture and support our emotional well-being—we can create a home that feels both practical and joyful.

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